1968  アンプ製造会社として台湾に設立
Kuo Hung Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
1975 金属製品製造をスタート
1976 プラスティック製品の製造販売
1989 中国広東省に新たに生産拠点を設置
Jeng Goang Electronics(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
1990 ㈱西野経営研究所とグループの経営管理体制構築
2006 中国広東省に新たに生産拠点を設置
Jeng Goang Electronics(Huizhou) Co., Ltd.
    We established KUO HUNG MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  In 1968 Which was principally involved in the manufacture of amplifiers. The company Expanded in 1975 to include the manufacture of various metal products such as aluminum-zinc handles for radio cassette recorders, and zinc allot electroplated Automobile components. Further expansion in 1976 saw the company move into The areas of manufacturing assorted plastic products, surface coating and printing, And the assembling of semi-finished products.  90% of the company’s merchandise is sold to JAPAN with the remaining 10% being sold to the U.S. and EUROPE.

    The company is run based on the Japanese business management model and with the principal that any imperfections are never to be allowed out through the factory doors. In 1989, we began preparations to set up our first Mainland Chinese factory in SHEN-ZHEN city, GUANGDONG province and production Officially got underway in OCT. Of the following year.

    The motto of our Japanese company , NISHINO MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. Which was ours in 1990 with the Aim of improving managerial is : TODAY WILL BE BETTER THAT YESTERDAY.